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Data Analyst

Coders Data  •  Full-time  •  Remote (San Francisco Bay Area, US)  •  39min ago
39min ago

Data Scientist

GradBay  •  Full-time  •  Remote (Deerfield, IL, US)  •  $196.20k / year  •  4h ago
4h ago

Data Scientist - Machine Learning

TikTok  •  Full-time  •  San Jose, CA, US  •  $144k - $240k / year  •  5h ago
5h ago

Senior Data Scientist

Microsoft  •  Full-time  •  Remote (New York, NY, US)  •  7h ago
7h ago

An Overview of Careers in Data Science

In the dawnlight of the millennium, the advent of Web 2.0 began an eruption of data collection, setting the stage for today's digital era. By the 2010s, the term 'Big Data' had emerged, signaling an era rich with potential and opportunity. Careers in data science are the key to unlocking this potential, providing professionals with the means to analyze and interpret vast amounts of information for the benefit of businesses and governmental bodies.

The demand for data science professionals has skyrocketed, given their integral role across various sectors. Consider the seamless experiences you encounter daily, like facial recognition technology on your smartphone, customized retail suggestions, or the uncannily accurate recommendations from your preferred streaming platforms — all powered by the magic of data science. Roles in this field typically involve a diverse set of responsibilities:

  • Sourcing and procuring pertinent data from a myriad of channels, including but not limited to databases and web harvesting techniques.
  • Discerning patterns and actionable insights to steer strategic decisions for enterprises.
  • Electing the most fitting machine learning strategies or statistical approaches tailored to the issues at hand.
  • Gauging the effectiveness of models through established metrics.
  • Crafting comprehensive reports, engaging visualizations, and detailed presentations that outline the crucial findings derived from data examinations.

Positions in the realm of data science usually entail traditional full-time roles, with options to work from an office or remotely, often following a standard nine-to-five work schedule.